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Imagine you’re at the beach and you drop your sunglasses in the sand. Oh no. Your new eyewear is covered in sand and salt water…what now?! Whatever the scenario is, glasses get dirty and it’s unavoidable. Below are a few do’s and don’ts on how to clean and take care of your eyewear, from one of our favorite eyewear specialists, Lisa Sarles.


DO: Wash glasses in soapy warm water with a soft towel.

DON’T: Use tissues or paper towels to clean your glasses.

Every eyewear lover can tell you, there’s nothing worse than getting scratches on your lenses. Tissues and paper towels are made out of fibrous materials that are too rough for eyeglass lenses, which can cause some serious damage over time. Instead, treat your glasses to a gentle bath! Wash your glasses in warm water with soap and dry them off with a soft towel. Microfiber cloths work the best.



DO: Use both hands to take your glasses off.

DON’T: Use one hand to quickly take your glasses off.

We can’t deny it feels pretty cool to dramatically take off our glasses with one hand as if we were in an action movie. However, we care too much about our eyewear to do that! Taking your glasses off with one hand can bend and stretch the arms. Over time, your glasses may not fit right or even break. Instead, use both hands to take off your eyewear. In addition to taking off your eyewear with both hands to avoid bends and breaks, make sure to place your eyewear down with the lenses up so you don’t scratch them.



DO: Keep your glasses cool and dry.

DON’T: Let your glasses get hot.

You know when you put plastic in the microwave when you’re not supposed to and it melts? The same thing can happen to your glasses in hot environments. Even something as simple as leaving your eyewear in a hot car can warp the frame, especially during our hot Florida summers. Make sure your glasses are in a cool and dry environment to keep them in tip-top shape. One way to do this is to use a case or our stylish Any Di SunCovers to keep your glasses protected and with you wherever you go.



DO: Use lens cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

DON’T: Use spit to clean your glasses.

Sometimes, when we’re out and about, it’s so tempting to just give your glasses a quick “spit shine.” However, saliva does absolutely nothing for your lenses (not to mention it’s kind of gross!). Instead, use a lens cleaner or rubbing alcohol. You can put rubbing alcohol on your lenses only and dry it with a clean cloth. Make sure to only use the rubbing alcohol on the lenses, otherwise you might damage the finish of the frame.

However, lens cleaners are your best choice. Lens cleaners are specifically designed to clear out any dirt and grime without stripping the lenses of its protective properties. Make sure to pick up a bottle (or two) of lens cleaner at your next Oxford Eyes appointment.



DO: Come to Oxford Eyes to get them fixed by a professional!

DON’T: Try to adjust eyewear on your own. 

We know small adjustments to your eyewear might look easy, but you could do some major damage to your glasses if you try to fix them yourself. Instead, bring them in to Oxford Eyes for an adjustment. If you’re just looking for a good cleaning, we also offer complimentary eyewear cleaning.



Eyewear is a key piece of your style and personality, so it’s important to keep your glasses clean and protected. If you have any additional questions, make sure to ask one of our eyewear specialists at your next appointment or call us at (407) 286-3350.