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In a time that values technology more than ever, along with a new ‘post-pandemic’ lifestyle, eye health has often gone overlooked in the midst of COVID-19. Here are a few ways your eye health may be impacted since the pandemic, as well as important yet simple steps to help adjust to new norms while prioritizing eye care for both work and personal life:


Increased Screen Time

Working remotely has become the new “normal” after the COVID-19 wave. People spend an average of 8+ working hours a day looking at screens. LEDs from screens emit blue light, mimicking the amount of blue light received from the sun. Overexposure of blue light can lead to long-term vision loss, retina damage, eyestrain, fatigue, headaches, and even difficulty sleeping. Opting for BluTech lenses during both work and personal screen time will protect your eyes and prevent eyestrain, as the unique lenses filter blue light for maximum protection. Be sure to follow the 20-20-20 rule, too!



Wearing glasses while wearing a mask can lead to a foggy mess, we get it. However, when living in the Sunshine State with uncharted UV rays, wearing sunglasses plays a crucial role in protecting your eyes. Choosing high-quality sunglass lenses with 100% UVA and UVB protection will protect your eyes from receiving too much direct UV radiation. You’ll look great and protect your eyes…can you say ‘win-win?’


Outdated Prescriptions

As we age, our visual perception may change over time. If you are wearing an old prescription, your glasses will no longer correct your vision and can cause more health issues. One out of three people are wearing out-of-date prescriptions. Lenses that are 2+ years old may damage eyesight and cause further vision challenges that are increasingly difficult to manage over time. Stay on top of your eye health by getting annual eye exams to help catch any vision changes and health issues!