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As the Grand Prize Winner of UnitedHealthcare’s Spotlight on Small Business, Oxford Eyes recently attended an Innovation Lab Session, courtesy of UnitedHealthcare and the Orlando Magic. The innovation lab session was led by Magic Director of Innovation, Jack Elkins and Innovation Specialist, Asher Weiss.

“Orlando Magic’s Innovation Lab is a fun and creative space dedicated to helping Orlando Magic bring new ideas and creative solutions to its operations. It’s the first innovation lab in the NBA, and it was an amazing experience,” said owner and founder of Oxford Eyes, Verbelee Nielsen-Swanson. “We were honored to attend and participate.”

At the innovation lab, the Oxford Eyes team listened to Orlando Magic experts, and participated in activities that flexed their creativity and put their minds to the test! For example, one activity was to draw a portrait of a partner while looking them in the eye, and not lifting the pen. This, and many more of the exercises, helped encourage curiosity and make precise observations. The Orlando Magic’s innovation lab was a perfect opportunity for team bonding, and to really learn the power of connection and out of the box thinking.



The optical team went home with a few key takeaways from the innovation lab, including learning and enhancing the power of connection, the importance of storytelling, and how authenticity is vital in their everyday interactions.

We can’t wait to apply this unique knowledge to our own small business and continue to foster creativity and individuality through our eyewear collections!




Oxford Eyes would like to extend a special thank you to UnitedHealthcare, Orlando Magic and Insurance Office of America for selecting Oxford Eyes as the grand prize winner of the Spotlight on Small Business sweepstakes. It was a wonderful experience and being featured on the video board and recognized at the games was just one of many amazing prizes! Thank you for your support of Orlando small businesses.