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Join Oxford Eyes at our First Anniversary Trunk Shows April 3 through April 6, 2019! Come celebrate our first year in business with us and receive special pricing, discounts and more on more than seven brands, all with a glass of wine in your hand! Below is a schedule of the trunk shows, and a little bit more about each of our fabulous highlighted brands:

Wednesday, April 3

Lara D and Nannini are both Italian brands kicking off the four-day event!

Lara D glasses are whimsical and experiment with unique colors and shapes. They also represent the craftsmanship and high-fashion culture of Italy.

Nannini is also an Italian brand that features a wide range of frames, and specialize in sports frames and motorcycle goggles, so if you’re seeking a more masculine, sporty look, you would love Nannini!



Thursday, April 4

Alyson Magee and Yohji Yamamoto will be featured on Thursday, April 4.

Bespoke Alyson Magee glasses are crafted in France, and the frames are inspired by nature and urban life—honing in on lots of interesting architecture and negative space.

Yohji Yamamoto is a Japanese fashion designer based in Tokyo and Paris. The Yohji frames are very avant-garde, and feature distinctive Japanese design aesthetics.



Friday, April 5

Blackfin and Mad in Italy trunk shows are Friday, April 5.

Blackfin titanium frames are made in Italy, and Oxford Eyes owner, Verbelee had the unique opportunity to visit their factory while in Milan for the MIDO eyewear expo. Titanium is the soul of Blackfin’s eyewear, and they take pride in the comfortability, expression and technology of its frame’s designs.

Mad in Italy  is based in Northeastern Italy, in the heart of the eyeglass district. Their frames help you express the uniqueness of one’s self as they are all very vibrant and creative.


Saturday, April 6

Tom Ford will be the final trunk show on Saturday, April 6. An iconic American fashion designer, you can always depend on Tom Ford to have the latest and greatest in eyewear fashion!




We hope to see you at our Anniversary Trunk Shows! Oxford Eyes is an open access provider for Health Care Reimbursement benefits. Please bring your current prescription(s) with you.