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Eyewear is a staple accessory for both men and women.

And just like any other fashion trend, eyewear is constantly reinventing itself every season. From the details to the design, check out the latest emerging styles and trends for Spring 2018.

1. Gold Accents

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Oxford Eyes Featured Glasses: Jimmy Choo

Integrated gold accents are timeless and add just enough boldness to a look. For women, eyewear frames with gold accents also complement jewelry and make a true fashion statement.

Add shine with golden materials that punctuate patterns and add interest to foundational shapes.

2. Tortoise Shell

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Oxford Eyes Featured Glasses: Iyoko Inyaké
Oxford Eyes Featured Glasses: Iyoko Inyaké

Trendy tortoise shell frames are unique because they offer a wide range of color palettes for different skin tones and hair colors. Tortoise shell frames are also more unisex than most frames, and are a sleek, classic option.

Revamp your look with a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses or eyeglasses this Spring.

3. Thin Frames

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Oxford Eyes Featured Glasses: Ray-Ban

The slim or aviator-style frames are chic, light and form-fitting. The adjustable nose pads ensure a perfect fit for a wide-range of nose shapes and sizes, and the rounded, thin-sculpted lines are sophisticated.

Round metal eyeglasses are often associated with attention to detail and can do wonders for you in a working environment.
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4. Transparent Hues

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Oxford Eyes Featured Glasses: Lafont

Transparent hues match everything! From blushes to nudes and greys, transparent frames are versatile and elegant. The classic clear never goes out of style and look so effortless. Matched with a pop of color, these frames offer a look for everyone.

Clear, see-through details are inundating just about everything this spring, from shoes to bags, and sunglasses are certainly not immune to the trend.
– Who What Wear